2016-10-21 Izrael --- Shoji Seki 8 Dan

This is Seki Shihan's 24st visit to Israel since 1992.
All levels are welcome.
The seminar starts on Friday, October . 21th, until Monday , 24th. ( with an extra practice at Yodfat dojo on the 20th) 

Venue: Kibbutz Shefayim sports hall
Schedule - 
Thursday 20th. - evening class in Yodfat (17:30-19:30) 
. Fri.~Mon- Kibbutz Shefayim- morning & evening classes-10:00-12:30......16:30-19:00

NEW!! Free accommodations available, adjacent to the Shefayim sports hall

NIS 220 - 1 half day
NIS 350 - 2 half days
NIS 600 - 4 half days
NIS 950 - full seminar (8 half days)

Note - the Yodfat class is not a part of the seminar. NIS 50 for full seminar participants; NIS 180 for others.

Dan exams will be held following the evening class on Monday.

For further details: phone: shlomo, +972-54-4826162 mail: shlonitz@netvision.net.il